Not a Pretty Sight

Posted 7/14/2003 9:31:40 AM

You really do not want to face the judgment of God. He not only has the knowledge of how to truly punish us, but also all the power to completely support his warnings. Isaiah 3 (and following) go into really specific detail about the suffereings God was going to put Israel through if they didn't repent and return to loving and obeying Him.

Loss of Skill

First is a long list of skilled labor that would be stripped from Judah by its invaders. All leaders, skilled craftsmen, strong men, and educated leaders would be taken away. Is 3:2-3 Leadership would be determined on the basis of whether or not a person owned a cloak. Is 3:6

"Because their speech and their actions are against the Lord, to rebel against His glorious presence . . . they have brough evil on themselves." Is 3:8-9

Oh, by the way, all their supply of bread and water will be removed, too, so they'll be starving as well as having nobody with enough resources to lead them to a solution. Is 3:1

Right in the middle of this list of deprivations, God makes another promise: you will bear the results of your actions Is 3:10, whether righteous or wicked. Think women are supposed to be leaders? Check out Is 3:12; women and children are forced into the role of leaders, and only confuse matters further.

Loss of Prestige

God describes His unfaithful nation as a proud, flirtatious woman caught up in her beauty and attire, listing in remarkable detail all the fine things He will take away from her Is 3:16-26: all her stuff, all her beauty, and all her admirers. Who would be attracted to a bald, scab-ridden, groveling, starving woman? Nothing is left to be proud of; nothing left to do but return to God.

You really don't want to face the judgement of God, really! He can take away everything, right down the last detail. And why not? He gives every little thing, and He can just as easily take every last thing away. All the judged will have left to do is mourn.

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