The Fear of God

Posted 7/9/2003 7:33:41 AM

Isaiah writes of a wonderful day, when God directly rules the world, and peace is so prevalent that weapons are good only for farm tools Is 2:1-4. It doesn't get that way so peacefully, though. The rest of the chapter relates how people don't really want to give up their proud self-perceptions Is 2:11-12,17, their wonderful accumulation of cool stuff Is 2:7,16, their custom-made idols Is 2:8,20, and their strong houses Is 2:15 - at least until God reveals His splendor and majesty Is 2:10,19,21. When He does, abject fear sets in, and nothing else matters.

When will it sink in that all these things we fill our lives with are just temporary objects with no lasting value whatsoever? When we get a real view of God, as Isaiah will later in the book, we get our lives put into true perpective, and nothing else really matters.

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