Posted 6/25/2003 8:14:23 AM

People are usually incompatible. We generally can exist in close proximity to others, but the longer we are close, the harder it is to live together peacably. The to make this even more non-sensical, it's usually little unimportant issues that tear us apart. In 1Cor 1:10-17, the church was divided over which guy they were following: Paul, Apollos, Cephas (Peter), or Christ. This is ridiculous, that any man would be followed: all should be following Jesus Christ (1Cor 1:13) To do otherwise is just plain foolish, no matter how wise-sounding or smooth-talking a man might be (1Cor 1:17).

In fact, God tends to use foolish, lowly things and people in this world for His purposes, so He can easily demonstrate how his power makes even the weakest people stronger than the best this world can offer (1Cor 1:25-27). So, be very careful about how much you try to know about this world, because that will make you less useful to God. Instead, focus your effort on being wise with the real world, the spiritual world in which we will live forever. Sound weird / backwards? So does the whole concept of Jesus dying to give life 1Cor 1:18.

If you want to brag and boast about something, boast about God 1Cor 1:31; Jer 9:23-24. He is worthy of all the adulation and attention we can give Him, and he most definitely deserves it.

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