It's All About People

Posted 6/16/2003 8:23:12 AM

Paul finishes up the book of Romans with the customary greetings. For never having visited Rome, he sure knows a whole lot of people there. For good reason, these people have powerful testimonies for Christ: Rom 16:19,1-16

Several others are mentioned, with good reason. Paul's was not a lonely ministry. Sure, he broke new ground all through the Middle East, but he didn't do it alone. He had help, and he left ministries well-tended by capable, remarkable people that God raised up to accomplish His work.

Yet, he sees the need for one more warning. Despite the strength of these, and many other, people, there are others who are equally as motivated to tear apart the body of Christ Rom 16:17 and satisfy their own selfish ambitions Rom 16:18. Leaving the battle up to God Rom 16:20, our goal is to become "wise in what is good, and innocent in what is evil" Rom 16:19.

Make your own testimony strong enough to be an example for what is wise and right.

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