Law, Love, and Life

Posted 6/4/2003 7:58:56 AM


Leaders think they get into power by working their way up the political ladder, whether through aboveboard or underhanded means. They think that with enough money and the right connections, power will come to those who seek it.

Not so, according to Rom 13:1. God gives authority, and He is the One who establishes governments and rulers. World events are not accidental, and neither are the players in the world of politics and government. God uses leaders to accomplish His will, just like He used Pharoah Ex 4:21, Nebuchadnezzar Dan 4:31-37, and Pilate John 19:10-11. God hasn't changed since then.

Anyway, God puts governments in place for a reason: to reward good and punish evil. Rom 13:3-4 Before you jump up and say "But, what about perverse governments that do nothing but oppress their people, for selfish reasons?" just think about Paul's time. He's writing to the Romans, remember. The Romans were as godless and heathen and perverse as it gets. Christians were killed for sport by these people. Yet, Paul doesn't make any exception for them.

So subjection to government is required

  1. So you don't get in trouble with the government Rom 13:4
  2. So you don't resist God's authority Rom 13:2


Other than the obligations to obey goverment, God would like us to be free from any interpersonal requirements other than to love one another. Rom 13:8-10 Other than love, keep yourself free from debts and promises that are not rooted in love.


All right then, loving and obeying, all while living life at its best. The best is not partying and selfish pleasures, but a life full of propriety, balance, and control. Rom 13:13

Life is a war, and the sinful nature that is our flesh will win everytime without the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ Rom 13:11,14. Daily faithfulness to Him and staying clear of temptation will protect you against the attacks that try to take your life from usefulness to God to stuck-in-the-mud uselessness to Him. Rom 13:12,14

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