The Bible, Guidebook to Life

Posted 7/2/2000

The Bible

Guidebook to life 

da 10:21
The Bible can be confidently looked to for an authoritative, unequivocal answer.  You can be sure it is consistent, and that it is completely accurate.

The Power of God
mt 22:39
The Bible is the description of God, Who is a Being so devastatingly unlike us. He spoke this entire world into existence with a few words, and it was so. This record of His Words has far more power than we could ever imagine.

Will be fulfilled
mt 26:56
Many, many prophecies about the future are laid out in the Bible. Jesus in His time here on earth fulfilled all the many that applied to His position, the Messiah. Many promises and predictions remain, all to be fulfilled in their due times.

Describes Christ
lu 24:27
Jesus is the focus of everything. His life is the hope of everything before Him, and the hope for everything after Him.

Cannot be wrong
joh 10:35
God's Word is final, and nothing can change it. This is why it is such a reliable, trustworthy, and dependable source of direction for our lives.

Gives patience and comfort
ro 15:4
The Bible is full of hope and reassurance. We can turn to it for consolation when despairing of life. It will sustain us when we struggle with our mortal enemy, pride. It is our comfort in times of loss. Whatever your need, God's Word will help.

Presents the Gospel
1co 15:3
Christ died, was buried, and rose again! Because He did, He has the absolute authority to give us life, and how abundant it is!

2ti 3:15
The Bible is a very unique book, in that it is the only one completely true. This makes it set apart, holy. It deserves respect and reverence as the written Word of God.

2pe 1:21
Nobody made up the Bible. God used many writers over many years to pen His book, taking advantage of their skills, viewpoints, and literary styles. The Bible has only one Author, God.

2ti 3:16
The Bible is good for teaching and learning doctrine, the fundamentals of our beliefs, because it contains all of them. It is also useful for reproof, because of the law, and the expectations God has for His children. The Bible goes farther than just a rebuke, but provides material for correction. There is never any doubt where to go from here. Once going, the Bible provides bountiful material for growth in righteousness. Milk to meat, the Bible has it all. Enjoy!

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