Sin: The Beginnings

Posted 6/2/2000


The beginnings

Webster's: any voluntary transgression of a religious law or moral principle; moral depravity; wickedness; iniquity. Sin may consist in commission, when a known divine law or moral principle is violated, or in omission, when a positive divine command or a rule of duty is voluntarily and willfully neglected.

Sin has been a part of our lives ever since we were created. Adam and Eve discovered its treacherous appeal in the Garden, and fell from perfection to rejection of God. Since then, every person born has been innately sinful from conception onward. ps 51:5, rom 5:12

Sin is so pervasive, so treacherous, so insidious. It rears its ugly head in every aspect of our lives, and we are continually fighting its advances. 2co 10:5 It has the advantage of the entrenched position, for sinfulness is the original state of every person. So our challenge is to root it out, repent from doing it, and confess it to God.

There are two kinds of sins, as far as they concern the person; all sins are deadly when it comes to God's opinion. There is the kind that are obvious, and violate the basic conscience that God places in every person. For instance, murder is considered "bad" and "wrong" by even the most God-less people. Others might be adultery, idolatry, homosexuality, theft, extortion, drunkenness, greed, etc. The sad thing is that many of these formerly easily identified sins are being gradually admitted into the realm of OK things by the combined pressures of evil people seeking justification for their actions and the active interest of Satan in condemning as many people as possible.

On the other hand, there are the sins that are extremely difficult to see in oneself. Other people can readily pick them out in most cases, but not the person sinning. Pride, bitterness, ingratitude, and a critical spirit are some examples. Only the persistent conviction of the Holy Spirit and perhaps the loving concern of a brother in Christ can bring a person to the realization of his sin.

Sin is dangerous! Be on your guard, be on your knees. The closer to God you can get, the safer you will be (even though more attacked).

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