Posted 5/7/2003 4:25:52 PM

Our daily interaction with people is one of the most telling clue into our true character. Like nothing else, people bring out the extremes. Whether furious anger or exuberant joy, another person often brings our raw emotions out in the open.

Yet, it isn't just any person that can do this, it's the one you know well. Casual acquaintances and passerby's are easily faked out; you can put on a smile for them with ease, regardless of your true feelings. But, the people you deal with daily - your family, your close friends - are not so easily fooled. Day after day, week after week, you become closer to these people, for good or bad. Your feelings will also become stronger, also for good or bad.

For bad

For good

Jesus Himself is the best example, loving the world enough to lay down his life for all of us John 13:1,15:13

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