Bad to the Core

Posted 5/5/2003 6:49:35 AM

Our newly re-divided backyard; DJ walking upA couple weeks ago, I dismantled a platform I'd put up between some trees in our backyard. The reason I did was because one of the three supporting trees was looking pretty bad, like it was dying, and I didn't want it to collapse when some kids were up on it. As I removed the last couple cross-beams of the platform, the tree simply fell over, without any help from me. I was astounded as I saw how the base of the tree had completely rotted away, so that it effectively had no root system at all; it had been simply resting on the ground. The core of the tree was also gone - this was a tube of wood, with no life support.

Jesus makes it clear that he is the source of life and sustenance for His children in John 15: us branches require a well-rooted and thriving root system and trunk in order to bear fruit.

That tree was actually being help up by the platform, attached to the two good trees; it was completely dead. A dead life can keep up appearances for a certain amount of time, and actually look pretty good (consider the Pharisees in Mat 23:27-28), but inside is rotten and lifeless. Soon enough their efforts will fail, and the true fruit of the Spirit will be obviously missing Tit 1:16.

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