God's Freedom of Choice

Posted 5/1/2003 8:20:18 AM

We love our rights freedom of choice, our free will - but is it really that free? Are they really rights? It seems that it's actually a curse, as a result of disobeying God's command Gen 3:5,7. Making the decision to sin certainly opens up new possibilities, like whether or not to obey, whether or not to sin. That's free will!

I'd rather be limited in my choices to simply what God likes, so that I could always please Him, and not even bother with trying to please myself. Paul felt so strongly about this for others, particularly his countrymen, that he was willing to give up his own salvation, if at all possible, so that his countrymen could be saved. Rom 9:1-5

Then Paul dives into a thorny issue: Jews vs. Gentiles, the chosen children of God vs. those who are not. Well, it turns out that God's chosen are not by family lineage but by God's choice. Kind of obvious, but often overlooked: God makes the decision Rom 9:15-16, Ex 33:19, just like He did with Pharoah Rom 9:17-18.

Well, then, if God is the one who calls all the shots, why is our fault that we do anything wrong? Isn't it all in his control? If he has that much control over our hearts, like with Pharoah, can't He keep us doing good all the time? Rom 9:19

Pauls answers that question with "Who do you think you are?" God is the Maker, and we're the creation, nothing more, with no grounds to talk back to God Rom 9:20-21 God has made the choice to endure us, to better bring glory to Himself when He accomplishes the remarkable transformation of broken, sinful people into whole, perfect people. Rom 9:22-23

So, does one choose to become God's child, or does He choose you? Read Romans 9:25-33 and see for yourself: salvation is by faith, not by works or inheritance.

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