Posted 4/29/2003 7:42:20 AM

Romans 8 is a great guidebook for victorious Christian living. Free from sin, chosen by God to be glorified, and inseparably linked to Jesus Christ. Several verses are familiar to me in here, but surprised me that they were all in one chapter: Rom 8:1,5,8,11,15-17,26,28,31,37,39

Looking at the passage as a whole, you can see Paul working through different areas of victorious Christian living, based on the premise of being free from sin:

No condemnation

Rom 8:1-4 Jesus Christ has paid the price for our sins, by becoming a man and dying for us. His sacrifice paid our debt, and set us free.

In the Spirit

Rom 8:5-16 Upon salvation, God baptizes us with the Holy Spirit, so He can live with us. The Spirit's presence keeps our mind from sin, and focused on pleasing God, through the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Being controlled by the Spirit is a priviledge, because as such we are treated as the children of God.


Rom 8:15-23 This isn't just some temporary situation, this is adoption; we are permanently part of God's family, complete with the responsibilities of obeying and pleasing him, as well as taking part in His inheritance. Christ's inheritance is suffering in this world, but glorification with Him in the next, finally completely free from the influence of sin.

God is For Us

Rom 8:23-39 God wants to help us, why I can't imagine.

Nothing at all can separate God from us, and from His love. No amount of trouble, no grief, no power that is, whether physical or spiritual, can separate us from the love of God.

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