Living Death

Posted 4/28/2003 7:49:33 AM

For the Christian, there is a life-long struggle between the new and the old, the regenerated inner man vs. the sinful old nature Rom 7:14-25. I know what is right, I know how to do right, and I know why I should be doing right - and I don't do it Rom 7:19. When I plan to do right, it makes sense, and is exciting Rom 7:22, but then that resolve is attacked from my own sinful self to be lazy, unkind, and selfish Rom 7:23.

There is release, there is one solution: Jesus Christ. Knowing right from wrong creates this conflict, and salvation further defines the battles lines, but salvation also provides a means for victory: faith in Jesus Christ 1Jo 5:4. Thank God for Jesus! Rom 7:25

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