Dying for Freedom

Posted 4/26/2003 8:14:51 AM

"For he who has died is freed from sin." Rom 6:7

Paul continues his line of thought from Romans 5, developing the relationship of the Christian to sin.

  1. Our lives are united with Christ's, in death, burial, and resurrection Rom 6:3-6
  2. Death frees one from sin Rom 6:7
  3. Instead of being enslaved to sin, we are enslaved to God
  4. Sin requires death, and salvation requires eternal life


Baptism is key to our Christian lives Rom 6:3; baptism of the Holy Spirit, that is (Mark 1:8, Luke 3:16, John 1:33, Act 1:5, 11:16, 1Cor 12:13). This unity with Christ is very important, as it is Christ's righteousness placed upon us that makes us presentable to God in the first place. Yet, there is more than just his goodness involved in salvation. Paul states here in Romans 6:6,4,5 that we our old selves have been

  1. Crucified with Him (satisfying the requirements of the Law Rom 6:23) Rom 6:5,8
  2. Buried with Him Rom 6:4
  3. Raised with Him to life Rom 6:4,9, eternal life Rom 6:9


Because of all of Christ's work, we are free from sin, free to live the way God wants us to. This is not a freedom to follow our natural instincts and do as we selfishly please, because that would not be free from sin. Rom 6:7-14


In order for us to succeed at the endeavor of living righteously, we have to transfer our allegiance from one master to the other. Living for ourselves is not freedom, it is enslavement to sin Rom 6:15-18


Work always earns something. Hopefully your labor earns you something you can benefit from, but it always earns something. You work at your job, you get paid. You do you chores, you get appreciated and praised. You work for a lair, you get scammed and a little bit wiser. Any way you look at it, you get something for your efforts.

The wages for sinning, in any form or fashion, is death. It's not your parents' fault, it's not the devil's fault, "the person who sins will die." You bear your own responsibility. Eze 18:20

Just as certain are the wages of righteousness. If you live a perfect life, you do not earn death. The problem is that nobody but Christ has ever done that Rom 3:23. So, you can take the free gift from God, eternal life, but accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior and Master. You are now obligated, enslaved, to Him, because He died for you. Rom 6:22-23

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