Everybody Knows

Posted 4/8/2003 8:53:15 AM

Romans 1

Paul was inextricably linked to his Saviour, Jesus Christ. He couldn't bear the thought of starting a letter without thanking God for his salvation, and often laying out the basics of that salvation in just a couple verses. He does just that in Rom 1:2-5.

Promised > Son > Resurrected > Grace > Faith

The Roman believers had an unusual faith. They were known far and wide for it Rom 1:8, most likely because of the persecution God strengthened them through, there in the center of Roman debauchery and wickedness. Paul longs to go meet these extraordinary believers, but for the time being writes a wonderful letter under inspiration of God, so that we can have this strong and powerful book of the Bible.

Paul spends most of the chapter writing about the nature of man. Not only are people sinners by nature, they also innately know God, because He's made it obvious to everybody in everything He has made Rom 1:19-21. Despite such obvious indications of God's unseen attributes Rom 1:20, men not only ignore God, they also actively seek to suppress Him and his righteousness Rom 1:18. They trade truth for a lie, God for a creature, purity for wickedness, wisdom for foolishness, and righteousness for all sorts of wickedness Rom 1:25,24,22,26-32.

Knowledge doesn't save, faith does.

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