Peace Fruit

Posted 2/5/2003 2:13:32 PM

What is peace?

Strong's definitions:

  1. Complete, sound Rom 8:6, 2Pe 3:14
  2. Friendship
  3. No war Jos 9:15
  4. Harmony between individuals Mar 9:50, Rom 12:18, 1Th 5:13
  5. Security, safety Ps 119:165
  6. Salvation Luk 7:50, Rom 5:1
  7. No fear of death Is 26:3
  8. Content with lot on earth
  9. The kingdom of heaven Rom 14:17

Often used as a blessing "Peace be with you," 1Sam 25:6, Luk 24:36 or "go in peace." Ex 4:18.

"Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ" was Paul's favorite greeting Rom 1:7, 1Cor 1:3, 2Cor 1:2, Gal 1:3, Eph 1:2, Php 1:2, Col 1:2, 1Th 1:1, 2Th 1:2, 1Tim 1:2, 2Tim 1:2, Tit 1:4, Phm 1:3, 1Pe 1:2, 2Pe 1:2

Peace seems to differ from love in that it requires a two-way relationship. Love is unilateral; it's offered regardless of how the recipient responds. Peace takes more interaction; people have to talk to each other and work it out in order to have peace. There also has to be some measure of agreement 2Cor 13:11. However, it is key to recognize that peace is given Ps 85:8 and taken away Jer 16:5 by God; it is one of the fruit of the Spirit Gal 5:22. Peace also generates the right environment for good will Ps 133:1, sweetness, good speech Eph 4:29, unity Php 2:2, and joy 2Cor 13:11 among people.

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