Love Fruit

Posted 12/17/2002 6:18:55 AM

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love . . ." Gal 5:22-23

This love is particularly the brotherly love kind. Along with the rest of the fruit of the Spirit, it makes it possible to live peacably with one another.  But, this is the word agape, the strongest kind of unconditional love the Bible refers to. We might get along well, and have plenty of brotherly love, but the Spirit produces a sacrificial, unconditional love that goes way beyond that. It produces servants, who are much more interested in giving then getting Gal 5:13.

John is the most eloquent when it comes to love, particularly in 1Jo 4:7-12. He makes a line of reasoning for the case of loving each other:

  1. God loves us
  2. God died to save us
  3. God lives in us
  4. God perfects His love in us
  5. Therefore, it follows that we love one another

God's love is in us, and He is activily transforming our hearts into His image, so we can love like He does, unconditionally and completely. Not to mention, he commands us to love one another Jn 13:34, 15:12,17.  Paul calls it an expected debt in Rom 13:8, and Peter adds that it flows from a pure and sincere heart 1Pe 1:22.

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