Making Disciples

Posted 10/29/2002 8:56:14 AM

Jesus spent a lot of time demonstrating and teaching us how to care for others. He healed people of all sorts of diseases, He fed thousands at a time, He gave His life for all people of all time - Jesus really cares about people.

And yet he spent the majority of His time with only 12 men, the disciples. He took great care to teach them about Himself, and walked them through all the necessary lessons, from interpreting parables for them to sending them out on their own to proclaim the kingdom of God.


Jesus' last command to His disciples was to "go make disciples" Mat 28:19-20, teaching them to observe everything He had taught the disciples. He had taken the time to disciple His disciples, and now expected them to do the same with others. Paul tells Timothy the same thing, in very similar context (at the end of his ministry; Paul was an excellent teacher) in 2Tim 2:2: go teach faithful men, who you can count on teaching others also.

  1. For Growth
    • Developing others to be qualified for leadership positions 1Tim 3:2, 2Tim 2:24
    • Let the Holy Spirit also do His job of teaching in Jesus' Name John 14:26
    • Teach to increase wisdom Pr 9:9
  2. By Example


The first goal of such discipling is to help, not "correct a problem." God desires compassion, not sacrifice Mat 9:13, Pr 21:3, Hos 6:6, Mic 6:6-8.

  1. Encourage
    • Encourage those who are worn out, and strengthen those who are weak Is 35:3
    • Say things that will help people stand and walk, not burden them down Job 4:3-4
  2. Kindly Direct Away from Sin 
  3. Pray
    • We have the responsibility to pray for each other not to sin 1Jo 5:16

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