Jesus' Crucifixion

Posted 8/18/2002

What was so significant about Jesus' death? Crucifixion was horrible, but men have been equally and more cruel in their ways of killing their fellow man.

Yes he was beaten, spit on, mocked, whipped, and lacerated - so have others. Other men, some Christians, have suffered like and other tortures.

It cannot be the physical part of His death, horrible as it was. Unlike every other man that ever lived, Jesus Christ is immortal. He never sinned 2Co 5:21, so was not required to pay the price: death. Because he did not need to die, does that mean He could not die? Was He impossible to kill? Jn 10:18 Several times previously in His ministry He'd simply walked away from those who would kill Him. Not only was He immortal, Jesus was completely untouchable if He so chose Jn 8:59, Jn 10:39, Luk 4:30. For a Man who has the power to raise the dead Lu 7:14, Jn 11:43 speak a storm into silence Mk 4:39, walk on water Mt 14:25, and more, men could definitely could do nothing to Him.

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