Posted 8/5/2002

1Pe 2:11-12

Replace soul-destroying fleshly lusts with excellent, unreproachable behavior. Not only to give no cause for attack, but even to give occasion to glorify God.

Excellent is a great word. Conspicuously good quality, without a hint of self-serving pride. This state is reached only after a long period of daily faithfulness to God, daily putting self aside onto the cross, and serving God instead.

Excellent means all that people see from you are good things: a submissive attitude, a love for God, and an active concern for others. A unremarkable life doesn't bring any more glory to God than a wicked one; who knows the difference? It has to be obvious with being ostentatious.

The raison d'etre for a Christian's life is to bring glory to God, and one way to do that is to live an exellent life free from the influence of worldly desires, and full of good deeds done in God's name.

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