How to Treat Your Parents

Posted 5/1/2002 3:03:46 PM

How are children to treat their parents?

  1. Obey them Eph 6:1, Rom 1:30
    In all things! Col 3:20
  2. Care for their widowed mothers 1Ti 5:4
  3. Honor them Ex 20:12, De 5:16, Mt 15:4, Mr 10:19, Eph 6:2 - to live long!
  4. Hate them along with spouse, siblings, and your own life Luk 14:26
  5. Fear them Le 19:3
  6. Hearken to your father, and don't despise your mother Pr 23:22

That's what the Bible says. Now let's look a little more into each of these actions, and put them in their context.


Some examples of obedience:

Putting it simply; do as they say.


This particularly talks about caring for parents in their old age, or when they are incapable of taking care of themselves:





This one is a surprise, and doesn't make sense! There isn't any way out from the word hate. Even in Greek, it means detest and hatred! Look at the other sayings in this passage Lu 14:25-35:

In the same way, a Christian forsakes everything to become Jesus' disciple Lu 14:33. This isn't hatred as in animosity, it's a comparison of our love for Jesus that nothing else is at alll attractive or lovely. Just like Paul says Php 3:7, all his achievements are nothing but impediments to having Christ.


This is an old English word for honor, respect, reverence. Check out the Honor section above. Yes, afraid, but as before a powerful person that needs to be honored and respected.


Simple: pay attention, with a yielding, obedient attitude. This is appropriately combined with don't despise because you can listen without obeying or yielding yourself to your parents' advice. Pr 23:22-25 is particularly applicable here.

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