Posted 4/15/2002 6:52:49 AM

Php 4:8 A good reputation is a wonderful thing. When you have it, people believe you, people can count on you, and you bring honor to God. When you broaden the concept a bit, and consider anything that causes people to notes the goodness of God's work, we have a good report.

The first seven deacons were characterized by their reputations Act 6:3, as were Cornelius the centurion Act 10:22 and Ananias Act 22:12.

Our own lives are to be thought of highly as well. A combination of wisdom, timing, grace, and appropriateness brings about the correct answer to those who question your faith Col 4:5-6. Not sinning is definitely good, but 1Th 5:22 says to stay away from even the appearance of evil.

A good reputation applies to everyone, not just your fellow Christians. Candidates for church leadership must meet the qualification of having a good reputation among people outside the church, lest there be reason for reproach and the devil's snare 1Tim 3:7. Besides, many of the actions that build a good reputation by definition apply to others: caring for children, hospitable to strangers, washing feet, giving relief to the afflicted, and diligently following every good work - all characteristics of an older widow truly worthy of a church's care 1Tim 5:10.

All these good works aren't accomplishing salvation, but they are most definitley key toward bring honor to God by the consistent display of a transformed character through a non-stop string of good works. All this is possible, even with our sin natures, through faith Heb 11:2. Faith gives the power to believe in God's ability to work marvelous things in our lives, and use our lives to accomplish His goals.

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