Thinking about a good reputation

Posted 3/2/2002 9:22:59 PM

Php 4:8 Whatsoever things are of good report.

Good tidings, sounds good: these are the things you like to hear. So what is good news to you? Pr 15:30 says good news improves health. A good reputation is similar to this, being well-known to many who know the person, like Cornelius Act 10:22, Ananias Act 22:12, and Demetrius 3Jo 1:12.

A true witness is very good news to somebody looking for the truth. This can require a lot of faith in the bearer of the message. Heb 11:39 describes those in that chapter as having received that good report through faith, even though they never got to see the Messiah.

Good news gives hope, which keeps life alive. A good report brings joy, relieving stress and lightening the load. A good reputation builds confidence, enabling trust in the fellow man; and the gospel is the best good news of all, bringing everlasting life.

Think on these things!

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