Pure Thinking

Posted 2/23/2002

Php 4:8 Whatsoever things are pure.

To get an idea of what pure should be, look what is pure in the Bible:

  1. Gold (39)
  2. People (7)
  3. Heart (5)
  4. Olive oil (3)
  5. Candlestick (3)
  6. Words of the Lord, like silver (3)
  7. Frankincense (2)
  8. Perfume Ex 30:35 (2)
  9. All things (2)
  10. Conscience (2)
  11. Myrrh
  12. Table
  13. Grape juice
  14. Priests
  15. Doctrine
  16. Prayer
  17. Stars
  18. The commandment of the Lord
  19. Children
  20. Wool
  21. Language
  22. Offering
  23. Paul
  24. Water
  25. Religion
  26. Wisdom
  27. Minds
  28. Jesus
  29. The seven angels' linen garments
  30. The river of life

What does pure really mean?

A few different words are used for pure. The first is the one used almost all the time with gold: clean. With gold, this means that there is nothing but gold, but for incense, people, words, and offerings it can't be limited to a single ingredient, but means that the item is without blemish. A second word has the same meaning, used with oil, spices, people, doctrine, prayer, and children.

A couple are unique. Myrrh was pure in being free-flowing. Pure blood is another name for red wine. Olive oil was beaten out; the more the finer and more costly.

Another purity that described gold has an altogether different meaning: closely joined, used when describing gold overlay. The oracle (holy of holies?), candlestick, censers, snuffers, basons, spoons, Solomon's wooden drinking vessels.

As for stars and eyes, their purity is clarity and brightness.

God's Word is refined, tested, and proven true.

The pure in heart are free from sin and guilt, they're innocent, which is also how Paul proclaimed himself at the end of his ministry.

Paul told Timothy to keep himself chaste, modest, which is exactly what heavenly wisdom is to be like.

Our minds should be sincere and unsullied.

Think about it

That gives plenty to think about! Dwell on those things that are without blemish, innocent, sincere, modest, and beautiful in character.

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