Just Thinking

Posted 2/19/2002

Php 4:8 Whatsoever things are just.

Justice is a very specific thing: giving to everyone that which is his due. Serving justice, finding justice, due justice - all these have to do with getting the right thing done. Many times this has to do with getting the criminal his due punishment.

A leader particularly has the responsibility of being just, as he has the power to enforce the law on others. The father in his household Ge 18:19, a king 2Sa 23:3, a prophet Mk 6:20, Jewish leaders Luk 2:25, Luk 23:50, and even secular leaders Act 10:22.

Other than people, justice in the Bible often refers to weights and balances. Justice in measurement means that your customer or employer gets exactly what he pays for, no more, no less. More is OK for a generous spirit, but less is never acceptable. Justice doesn't expect more, it simply expects it to be right.

So, thinking about these things would be a matter of determining the right response to any given situation, and doing it. Anything less is sin, and won't help you grow!

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