Do you believe me?

Posted 2/9/2002

Verse summaries:

  1. Heard, seen, looked at, handled
  2. Seen it, bear witness, show
  3. Seen, heard, declare fellowship
  4. Joy may be full

Bearing Witness:

  1. "To affirm that one has seen or heard or experienced something, or that he knows it because taught by divine revelation or inspirition"
  2. Testify, bear record, witness, be a witness, give testimony, have a good report
  3. Proving something is true
    1. By seeing it
      1. Many witnessed Jesus' announcement that he fulfilled Scripture Luk 4:22
      2. Backed up by actually knowing the fact, and have seen it John 3:11
      3. Many bare record that Lazarus was raised from the dead John 12:18
      4. John witnessed the fulfilment of prophecy in Jesus' death John 19:35
    2. By knowing it
      1. John's job was to bear witness of the Light, Jesus John 1:7-8,15,32,34
      2. The Samaritan woman testified that Jesus had told her all she ever did John 4:39
      3. Those who knew Paul when he was Saul could testify of his Pharisaical life Act 26:5
      4. The Comforter will testify of Jesus Joh 15:26
    3. By backing it up
      1. You can't be your own witness; Jesus' witnesses were His works John 5:31-47;10:25
      2. The law says that the testimony of two men is true John 8:13-20
      3. God bare witness in the apostles with the Holy Ghost Act 15:8
    4. With consistency in life
      1. Jesus' purpose in life was to bear witness of the truth John 18:37
      2. The original 7 deacons were of honest report Act 6:3
      3. Cornelius had a good report with all Act 10:22
      4. Ananias had a good report among the Jews Act 22:12
      5. Witnessing Act 26:22
      6. The Galatians had a proven record of generosity Gal 4:15
      7. The godly widow will be known for her good works 1Ti 5:10
      8. Enoch's testimony pleased God so much he didn't die Heb 11:5


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