Why do good works?

Posted 1/13/2002

Good works don't accomplish anything for salvation Tit 3:5, but are particularly beneficial for others Tit 3:8.

Don't forget the way you used to be, and also are sometimes still are Tit 3:3:

The only reason we changed from such a mess to even being capable of doing anything useful for God, and anything good for each other, is by the kindness and love of God our Saviour. According to his mercy, he saved us, regenerated us, and renewed us by the Holy Ghost. - all through Jesus Christ by grace.

Look at what God pours out on us to accomplish His work in our lives, through God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost:

Why do we need these lists, these pestering reminders to be doing good? Don't we know this already? Sure, but we forget way too easily what God has done for us, and to show our gratitude in service to Him. Paul 2Ti 1:6, Peter 2Pe 1:12, Jude Jude 1:5, and many others emphasize the importance of remembering what we're doing.

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