Loving the Lord with Life

Posted 1/2/2002

Our souls are what make us alive. The Bible refers to the soul as the living part of people, what God has created, and is what needs to be saved.

We choose to disobey God, do our own thing, and go our own way:

We need to be returned to God, away from our own ways; but this only happens through the work of God, not of anything we can do:

A healthy soul longs for God, and cannot be satisfied with anything else:

As for loving God, it is remarkable that the Bible always combines "all your soul" with another part of us: the heart, the mind, or strength. Most often, it's the heart, your emotions and motives. Well, the restored state of a saved soul gives the heart great joy, the mind wonderful things to dwell on, and energy to act with strength in service to God.

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