Posted 12/29/2001

Paul addresses several groups in Ti 2:1-10, listing several key character qualities necessary in order to be known as sensible. He gives the reason for doing so at the end of the chapter in Ti 2:11-14: Jesus Christ. He gave Himself completely for us, and we should give up ungodliness and worldy desires for Him.

These lists are not ways to be saved; they are a way for us to better look forward to seeing Christ with a clear conscience after living sensible, righteous, godly lives.

  1. Older men to be
    1. Steadfast
    2. Dignified
    3. Sensible
    4. Sound in faith
    5. Sound in love
    6. Sound in perseverance
  2. Older women to be
    1. Reverent in behavior
    2. Not malicious gossips
    3. Not addicted to wine
    4. Teachers of what is good
    5. Teaching the young women:
  3. Young women to be
    1. Lovers of their husbands
    2. Lovers of their children
    3. Sensible
    4. Pure
    5. Workers at home
    6. Kind
    7. Obedient to their own husbands
  4. Young men to be
    1. Sensible
    2. Examples, showing a consistent pattern of
      1. Purity
      2. Dignity
      3. Sound, unreproachable speech
      4. Giving opponents nothing bad to say about them
  5. Slaves to be
    1. Obedient to their own masters
    2. Well-pleasing to their masters
    3. Not argumentative with them
    4. Full of integrity, not pilfering
    5. Adorning the doctrine of God in all things

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