Children vs. Fathers

Posted 3/9/2011

Ephesians 6:1-9

Children: "obey in the Lord" vs. Fathers "discipline & instruct"
Gen 28:6-9 Jacob obeyed going to Paddan-aram, despite Esau being there 1Samuel 20:27-34 Not angry like Saul
Luke 2:49-51 Jesus obeyed His parents Colossians 3:21 Don't exasperate children, so they don't lose heart
Romans 16:1-2 receive in the Lord Joshua 4:7-9,21-24 Commemorate what God has done, to remind the children
Mark 7:9-13 also need to honor while obeying 1Chronicles 29:18-19 Pray for children to keep and do God's commandments
1Timothy 5:3-8 taking care of parents a first responsibility of chidren Proverbs 29:15 Rod and reproof bring wisdom instead of the shame from getting his own way
Exodus 20:12 obeying prolongs the children's days Hebrews 12:4-8 Discipline comes with being a legitimate son

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