Nine to Avoid

Posted 8/14/2010

Just like the nine Nazgul were so terrifying and deadly that everyone stayed away from them, so are these poisonous characters:

Pr 1:10-19 Sinners and murderers Do not consent or walk with them, for their desire to get the innocent will come back around on them Example: Potiphar's wife with Joseph Gen 39:7-10
Pr 3:31-32 Violent and devious Don't envy or choose these ways, and become an abomination to the Lord Example: King Saul's trickery to try to catch and kill David, for over 10 years! 2Sam 5:4
Pr 4:14-19 Wicked and plan harm Don't enter or proceed along this path, but light your own way with righteousness Example: The Jewish leadership's effort to kill Jesus John 18:28; 19:6
Pr 14:7 Fool Leave before you lose discernment Example: Rehoboam listened to the foolish council of young, foolish (greedy) men 1Ki 12:8-10
Pr 20:19 Slanderer, gossip Don't associate with them and reveal secrets Example: Doeg reported back to Saul of the help David received from the priests 1Sam 21:7; 22:9-19
Pr 22:10 Scoffer, mocker, scorner Drive them away to stop strife, contention, and dishonor (linked to pride and arrogance - lots of scripture on this!) Example: Young men who mocked Elisha's age, and were killed for it 2Ki 2:23-24
Pr 22:24-25 Angry Don't associate with them, lest you learn to be likewise and be trapped in your own anger Example: Haman's anger took his whole family with him to death Es 3:5; 9:25
Pr 23:20-21 Drunks or gluttonous Don't be with them, you'll be poor and listless Example: The high life of partying and food stripped the prodigal son of all he had Luk 15:11-32
Pr 24:21 Changers Don't associate with them, for they're headed to ruin Example: Korah and his sons challenged Moses' leadership from God Num 16


Don't forget about these 6/7 abominations to God Pr 6:16-19:

  1. Pride
  2. Lying & false witness
  3. Murder
  4. Wicked intentions
  5. Evil actions
  6. Spreading strife

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