Posted 10/24/2009

Acts 2:1-36

Peter and the others were simple, rough fishermen from the backwoods of Israel: the land of Galilee. Everyone was surprised these guys were speaking well, and here's what Peter said:

  1. What God will do Joel 2:28-32
    1. Spirit on people
      1. God will pour our his Spirit on all mankind
      2. Sons and daughters will prophesy
      3. Young men visions
      4. Old men dreams
      5. Men and women will have God's Spirit
    2. Wonders
      1. Blood
      2. Fire
      3. Smoke
      4. Darkened sun
      5. Blood-dark moon
    3. Everyone who calls on the Lord will be saved
  2. Jesus
    1. Proved Himself with miracles, wonders, and signs
    2. Was nailed to a cross and put to death
    3. Is now raised again, conquering death
    4. Death could not keep him dead!
  3. Remember David?
    1. David is dead and buried
    2. God promised David a special descendant to rule over all
    3. David prophesied of Jesus' resurrection
    4. David didn't know who it would be, but Peter makes the point that it is Jesus who is the one that is alive and well
    5. Jesus is alive, and back with his Father in heaven
  4. The answer! Psalm 16:8-11
    1. God is always in my presence
    2. He is always with me, so I won't be afraid
    3. Jesus with me makes be glad, singing, and hopeful
    4. I don't have to die! Because Jesus didn't stay dead
    5. God shows me how to live: believe Jesus

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