Personal Significance of Jesus Christ

Posted 5/3/2009 2:06:19 PM

We've made the case from Scripture that Jesus perfecty fills several key roles:

So, how does that impact my life? What do each of these positions do for me, and why does it matter that Jesus is a perfect fit for each one?

Jesus is God
This really is the most important, and everything else hinges on this.

Jesus is King
He has Power
Remember the purpose of a king is to bring peace to His kingdom.

Jesus is Priest
He has Position
If only we always lived for Jesus as God and King! But we mess up, we fail, we fall to our sinful nature, and foolishly choose Rom 3:10-18 to turn away from such a wonderful leader. Don't despair, the Priest is willing and able to restore you to fellowship with God!

Jesus is Prophet
He has Authority
There are so many prophets that were used by God to reveal Himself to us. What makes Jesus particularly import as a prophet to us?

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