The Dirty Jobs

Posted 3/28/2009


John 13:1-17
Jesus was about to head to the cross and give His life to pay for all sin from all time. Knowing this, at this last key time, He makes an unprecedented move. Departing from His usual role of Rabbi and Teacher, He flips things around and takes the role of a servant, and washes His disciples' feet.
Peter resists, then goes too far, as usual for him. Jesus teaches him the right thing, as usual for Him.
  1. Do the unloved jobs even when you most don't feel like it. Jesus could have been spending time in sorrow over His impending death, or teaching some last little tidbit of perfect wisdom to His disciples. Jo 13:1-4
  2. Teaching by example is an extremely powerful and effective method. Jo 13:5,15
  3. Don't skip out on doing or benefiting from the dirty jobs, and miss fellowship with Christ. Jo 13:8
  4. Don't overdo it either. Jesus didn't need to wash what was already clean. Jo 13:10
  5. Follow Jesus' example. None of us are more than He is, and all of us should serve each other as well. Jo 13:14-16
  6. Acting in humble acknowledgment of our subjection to each other Jo 13:17


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