Personality Test

Posted 10/14/2007 9:29:30 PM

The point here is that this book is about "the things which must shortly take place" - remember? This isn't about churches, or about history, or about us - it's about the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

So the seven churches must fit into this concept. For the reason, I don't believe these are ages or historical church, but parables matching hearts of Christians in the days preceding Christ's return.

Here are seven situations in which the Church of Christ will find itself, along with associated actions they need to take to prepare for the next step along. All are, to some extent, living Christian lives. Most have problems to deal with, and all have things to overcome.

Christians and their local churches around the world can find themselves described in some combination of these seven churches. Take warning, repent, and overcome!

Coming up next: more revelation of Jesus Christ, and then heavenly events with disastrous consequences on earth.

  Good  Bad
  • Hard workers
  • Cannot stand evil men
  • Test the validity of those who claim to be apostles
  • Persevered for the Name of Jesus
  • Not grown weary
  • Hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans (causing stumbling in the name of Christian liberty)
  • Left their first love
  • Remember from where you've fallen
  • Repent
  • Do your first deeds
  • Overcome, and eat from the tree of life
  • Don't repent, and have your lampstand removed
  • Faithful in tribulation
  • Poor in worldly wealth
  • Rich in heavenly treasures
  • Tested by Satan
  • Do not fear suffering
  • Be faithful to death
  • Be faithful, get the crown of life
  • Overcome, and not be hurt by the second death
  • Hold fast the Name of Christ in a wicked place
  • Accomodating the Nicolaitans, and being a means of causing others to stumble
  • Repent
  • Don’t repent, and do battle with the Word
  • Overcome, and get hidden manna, a white stone, and a new name on the stone
  • Deeds of love, faith, service, and perseverance
  • Deeds are getting greater and greater
  • Tolerate teachings of immorality and ungodliness
  • Hold fast
  • Repent, if following Jezebel
  • Stick with Jezebel, get great tribulation according to your deeds
  • Overcome, get authority over nations
  • A good name
  • Some vestiges of good remain
  • Actually are dead
  • Incompleted deeds
  • Wake up!
  • Remember God's Word
  • Keep God's Word
  • Repent
  • Stay asleep, and face Him unprepared
  • Stay pure, and walk worthily with Him in white
  • Overcome, be clothed in white, and be vouched for by Jesus
  • Have an open door
  • Have a little power
  • Kept God's Word
  • Not denied Jesus' Name
  • Enemies will bow before you
  • Persevere, and be kept from the world's hour of testing
  • Overcome, and be made a pillar in the temple of God, and have His new Name written on you
  • Lukewarm, distasteful to God
  • Worldly wealth masking spiritual poverty
  • Buy fire-refined gold from God to be rich
  • Buy white garments from God to cover your nakedness
  • Buy eye salve from God to open your eyes
  • Repent
  • Open the door to the One Who is knocking
  • Overcome, and sit with Christ on His throne