Prophecy in the Bible

Posted 9/8/2007 11:27:57 PM

  1. Warnings about what is to come
    1. Think of all the warnings to Israel, over generations
      1. Preemptive warnings as the people heard the law of God
      2. Practice punishments from their enemies
      3. Prophets' warnings and admonishments
  1. Jesus' warnings in Matthew 24,25
    1. Don't be misled
    2. What to look for
  1. The parables Jesus told of those waiting and watching
    1. The slaves of the absent master Mat 24:45-51
    2. The 10 virgins waiting for the bridegroom Mat 25:1-13
    3. The slaves entrusted with money by the traveling man Mat 25:14-30
    4. He finished these two chapters with a very time-specific prophesy of His own, of his own crucifixion about to happen Mat 26:1-2
  1. Declarations of what will happen
    1. All else in Scripture has proven 100% reliable
      1. Israel's prosperity and suffering, as promised
      2. Destiny of kings, as predicted
      3. Fall and captivity of Israel, as warned
      4. Coming and characteristics of Messiah, as foretold
  1. From God's perspective - the author of it all, it must be true
    1. God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have and know their specific roles in the future
    2. As the source of all the events to come, they know full well what will come to pass
  1. Reasons to change our lives today
    1. "The Bridge is Out"
      Death and irreversible harm is just around the corner, but an escape is available to those who believe
  1. "Perspective"
    Knowing the right amount of the future puts today's problems into the proper context and priority
  1. "Compassion"

Reaching out in love for those who are headed the wrong way, and encouraging believer to stay along the path of righteousness

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