The Hand of God

Posted 5/5/2007

Israel under attack - 1Kings 20

Battle 1 (1-21)

Battle 2 (22-30)

  1. The first time, God does it that they will clearly know He is God - how else could they prevail?
  1. The second time, God Himself is challenged, and responds to prove He is real, and not just "the god of the mountains"

Benhadad released (31-43)

Why the big deal about Ahab releasing Benhadad?

  1. Remember, this is about God, and His glory. Ahab had not won any battle to be magnanimous about. This was God's victory, and His decision to make concerning Benhadad. He obviously had made it clear that this king's destiny was death, and Ahab didn't obey.
  2. Also God is not interested in partially removing sin from our lives - He wants it all out. Letting some stay because it seems harmless is a recipe for disaster later on in our lives when that sin comes back to haunt us. Don't hold on!

Naboth's Vineyard - 1Kings 21


Oh, that I would humble myself before God and repent from my sin! Ahab was no saint, and didn't purport to be, either, instead having a reputation as a wicked king. Yet, like Solomon, his repentance delayed the (still inevitable) consequences of the wrath of God. It wasn't just show, either, because God could see it was true repentance. The unilateral power of God in armies, in lions, in letting the setup for Nabal succeed - be humble before God!

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