Foolishly Stubborn

Posted 3/17/2007

Rehoboam succeeded his father Solomon to the throne of Israel. He inherited a fabulously rich, powerful kingdom, and had known little else his entire life. As he begins his reign, his people entreat him for a lighter burden. Solomon may have been wise and successful, but he required much of the nation. The people are asking for relief, and they're promising allegiance in return.


Rehoboam gets two pieces of advice: grant the request - after all, the nation is now wealthy and can afford a break. The second counsel (which he goes with) rejects compassion, and lays on more to be required, in rude and arrogant terms. Now, did he even have a choice? After all, God told Solomon that the kingdom would split! So, it's Solomon's fault, not Rehoboams. Nope. Rehoboam could have made the right choice, followed God, and God might have show mercy, and delayed the split until his son! He did that for Solomon, after all. Or, the nation may have split anyway, even after Rehoboam granted the request, because since when to sinful selfish people have enough?


The nation splits as a result, and all-out civil war was stopped only by direct command from God, though border skirmishes were as much a fact of life as they are today in Israel.


The weakened, godless nation has no means of preventing Egypt from marching in and taking their pick of the treasures in the temple and king's house.

  1. Refusing God
  2. Unrepentant of sin
  3. Like
  4. Hardening in stubbornness
  5. Hope for the stubborn

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