Faithful to Forgive

Posted 2/24/2007

God is faithful

  1. Moving the ark to the temple (1-9)
    1. Gathering everybody together (1-5)
    2. Placing the ark in the temple (6-9)
  2. God's glory fills the temple (10-11)
    1. In a cloud
    2. Unbearable to the priests
  3. Solomon declares God's faithfulness (12-21)
    1. He will dwell in a cloud
    2. He will place David over Israel
    3. He will place David's son on the throne
    4. He will let David's son build a house for him
    5. He will preserve His covenant
  4. Solomon prays to God, pleading for forgiveness and repentance (22-53)
    1. Please keep the line on the throne, if they obey
    2. Before making request, praising God for who He is (27-30)
    3. Situations for forgiveness:
      1. Sinning against each other
        1. Reconciliation must come before service
        2. Consequences for hiding or repenting
      1. Defeat in battle
        1. Turn, confess, pray, supplicate
        2. Hear and forgive!
        3. Restore to the land
      1. No physical provision
        1. Pray, confess, turn
        2. Hear and forgive, and teach the way
        3. Provide
      1. Plague and sickness
        1. Heart sickness is often the source of all the trouble
        2. Know our hearts
        3. Hear, forgive, and give according to our hearts
      1. Unsaved
        1. Hear of a God mighty to save
        2. Pray
        3. Hear, do
      1. Sinning during battle
        1. Going where sent by God
        2. There is no man who does not sin
        3. Sin makes God angry, and punishment is a result!
        4. Repent, supplication, confessing sin, return whole-heartedly
        5. Hear, forgive, have compassion
      1. We are consecrated for His will!
  5. Thanking God for His faithfulness (54-61)
    1. He has given rest
    2. He has kept His promise completely
    3. He has not forsaken us
  6. Commitment (57-65)
    1. Stay with us!
    2. Keep our hearts!
    3. Walk in His way!
    4. There is no other God!
    5. Be devoted to God!
  7. Joyful and glad for all the goodness of the Lord (66)
    1. He has shown it - watch for it!