What is submission?

Posted 9/22/2001

Dr. Mark Minnick, Couples' Conference 2001

The indications of a Spirit-filled person are speaking, giving, & submitting Eph 5:15-21 This is a proper, appropriate arrangement. It's not just wife to husband: children to parents, employees to employers, women to men in local church, us to government, younger to older believers, members to church leaders.

  1. Voluntary Eph 5:22 - the wife does it to herself - this evidences itself especially when there is difference
  2. To her own husband Eph 5:22 - unique to that one man alone - regardless of him 1Pe 3:1-6
  3. Spiritual Eph 5:22 - as to the Lord - her attitude, not his position!
  4. In Everything Eph 5:24 - nothing less will be effective - even in vows to God Num 30:1-15 - except in disobedience to God Act 5:9

Men's most common troubles with their wives

  1. Won't follow
  2. Lack of respect
  3. Contentious
  4. Inadequate intimacy

Our marriages are more important to God than they are to us, because of what He wants to show about Himself. God can't show the full extent of His love without sin and the need for death. He can't show grace without undeserving people.

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