What is love?

Posted 9/22/2001

Dr. Mark Minnick, Couples' Conference 2001

Four words for love:

  1. Eros - physical love; stems from visual beauty/ attraction; greedy lasciviousness
  2. Phileo - friendship love; warm, tender, affectionate relationship; the love of a wife for her husband
  3. Storge - family love; used in the Bible in identifying those without it.
  4. Agape - self-sacrificing love

The husband's love is sacrificial; on a habitual basis!

  1. Pure: No fornication
  2. Purposeful: set apart to become holy. Nothing is more irresistible than sacrificial love!
  3. Personally: we are one, as one single body, not two people. Loving her is loving himself.

You can't ignore, not talk to, walk out on yourself! His & her feelings are tied together, for better or worse. God has locked man & woman into marriage, with no end.

This is impossible for a man without the empowering, indwelling Spirit of God.