Be Like Christ

Posted 4/22/2006 9:35:14 PM

If, if, if. If only we could be like Christ all the time, in what we say, what we do, what we think.

Paul has a few different ifs, along the same line of thinking, in Philippians 2:1-11. He's making a case for a heart-change in attitude to one that is like Christ's. First, the rationale in Php 2:1

Since we have these things going for us, then Php 2:2
Whoa. This isn't merely acting the same way, or just "getting along." This is an inside-out change of getting rid of our selfish-individualism, and all becoming like Christ. Sound like some kind of crazy cult? Nope! This is God's way, and it's right and works this way, and this way only.

So, here's how to go about it Php 2:3-5:
  1. Don't operate from selfish reasons or self-advancing motives
  2. Do keep a humble mindset
  3. Do regard each other as more important than yourself
  4. Do look after each other's needs, in addition to your own
  5. Do have the same attitude as Christ
The example given is of course the best possible, of Jesus Christ Himself Php 2:6-8 Jesus' humble attitude toward His Father throughout His ministriy is simply amazing. Jesus isn't any less than God the Father Himself, and yet Jesus defers to Him constantly:
Jesus, the Word of God, was God, was with God, and is inseparable from Him. Yet somehow, someway, Jesus surrendered Himself to the task at hand. He squeezed deity into a baby boy in Mary's womb, He led a life of service and care, and just looked like a man. We know He didn't walk around with anything like a halo on His head, because otherwise the transfiguration wouldn't have changed anything.

Then the best part is that he humbled himself by dying. He didn't have to die, He didn't deserve to die, He couldn't die! He was perfect, without sin, and had never earned death by sinning.

Therefore, because of all this humility and correct attitude, God sets Him over everything! He will rule all, He will judge everybody, and every single person in heaven, earth, and hell will all acknowledge Him as the sovereign Lord. Wow.

OK, so we should be humble so that we can lord it over everybody? No, then you've violated one of the key attitude problems, and you'll get nowhere in the long run. Oh, sure, you can appear to be a good, caring, humble, considerate, and

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