How to Pray

Posted 9/1/2005 7:55:08 AM

Jesus gave us an outline for prayer in Matthew 6:5-15. The text itself explains that this is not a prayer itself ("don't use meaningless repeititions" Mat 6:7), but is instead to be used as a model to help us talk to God appropriately, in our private fellowship with Him (Mat 6:6).

Remember at the start, that God knows what we need, without us even asking. As such, prayer is in a large part much more for our benefit that it is for God's enlightenment.

  1. Praise God Mat 6:9
    The first part of prayer is worshipping the Father, and praising Him for who He is. This is the time to remind ourselves of God's characteristics and holiness.
  2. DecisionsMat 6:10
    In all our requests, this verse makes it clear that God's will is paramount, and what He wants is what we ourselves want. Here we make our wishes known for blessings, but keeping a subservient attitude to God's desires, just like Jesus in the garden. Here is where we talk to God about our decisions, and ask for wisdom to make them correctly.
  3. Needs Mat 6:11
    From our daily bread to sicknesses, here's where we ask for help. God makes it clear He'll provide for us.
  4. Forgiveness Mat 6:12,14,15
    God readily forgives us our sins, when we ask. However, if we do not ourselves forgive others, we are not really repentant when asking forgiveness ourselves!
  5. Safety Mat 6:13
    Lastly, a request for a safe and sinless life. Not only physical safety here, but also preservation from the temptations that could cause us to fall.

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