Word Power

Posted 8/13/2005 9:51:48 PM

Oh, the power of speech! More than just communicating, we use words and attitudes behind them with great effect.

  1. God wants to hear us talk.
    1. He wants to know we love Him Jo 21:15-17
    2. He promised to hear us when we pray, and even give us what we ask for (asked appropriately) 1Jo 5:14-15
    3. So He knows He's important to us Ps 145:11; Mal 3:16; Eph 5:19; Rom 15:6
  2. Our loved ones need our words
    1. They want encouragement Eph 4:29
    2. We need to talk through rough times Ro 14:19
    3. That we're going to be on their side Ge 50:21
    4. To learn about God De 6:7;11:19
  3. Everybody around us can benefit from our speech
    1. Gain knowledge and understanding Col 4:6; Pr 17:27
    2. Gain good things Gal 6:6
    3. Enjoy graciousness Ec 10:12
    4. They can count on our word Mat 5:37
    5. Our speech goes across well, like well-seasoned food Col 4:6
    6. We'll be blameless Tit 2:8 for not speaking evil of anyone
    7. Enjoy the beauty of a good word at the righ ttime Pr 25:11
  4. Good speech solves problems
    1. Gentleness instead of harshness Pr 15:1
    2. Well-considered speech stays out of trouble Pr 29:20
    3. Stays clear of selfish ambitions 1Th 2:5
    4. The right answer at the right time brings joy and delight Pr 15:23
    5. Sooths souls and heals bodies Pr 16:24
    6. Lifts up the weary Isa 50:4
    7. Encourages life Pr 10:11

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