In His Heart

Posted 10/2/2001

Some interesting insights come from a look at the phrase "in his (or her) heart" in the Bible, both for good or bad:

  1. The Lord in promises Himself in Ge 8:21 that He will never again curse the ground for man's sake, since man's heart is evil, nor will He smith every living thing.
  2. Abraham laughs to himself in Ge 17:17 at the idea that he and Sarah could have a child in their old age.
  3. Esau promises himself in Ge 27:41 that he will kill his brother Jacob when their father died.
  4. Aaron was glad to see Moses in Ex 4:14 as God promised Moses he would.
  5. Bezaleel was given a heart by God in Ex 35:30-35 to teach others his craftmanship
  6. Anyone who believes in his heart that he is OK by himself will lose his life, according to De 29:19-21.
  7. Hannah spoke to God in her heart of her longing for a child 1Sa 1:13.
  8. David let the threats of Achish get to his heart in 1Sa 21:12, and got him scared.
  9. David got depressed in his heart in 1Sa 27:1 about running away from Saul all the time, so went to Philistia instead.
  10. Michal despised David for his uninhibited exultation before God at the return of the ark of the Lord 2Sa 6:16, 1Chr 15:29.
  11. David prayed to God out of the depths of his heart in 2Sa 7:27, 1Ch 17:25.
  12. The Queen of Sheba unloaded her heart on Solomon 1Ki 10:2, 2Chr 9:1
  13. Solomon's heart was filled with wisdom from God in 1Ki 10:24, 2Ch 9:23
  14. Jereboam schemed in his heart in 1Ki 12:26 to keep Israel split in two with the idol he set up in Shechem.
  15. Hezekiah revealed his heart to God in 2Ch 32:31 in his responses to the Babylonian ambassadors.
  16. Haman made the fatal mistake of imagining in his heart in Es 6:6 that there could be none more important to the king than himself.
  17. Haman resolved to eradicate the Jews from the land, which the king didn't particularly care to hear in Es 7:5-6.
  18. The wicked thinks he is unshakeable in his security in Ps 10:6, and that God won't see what he's doing Ps 10:11, and won't hold him accountable for his actions Ps 10:13.
  19. The fool tells himself there is no God Ps 14:1, Ps 53:1.
  20. The truthful heart is near to God Ps 15:2.
  21. The righteous has the law of his God in his heart Ps 37:31.
  22. The enemy hides an agenda of war in his heart under smooth words Ps 55:21.
  23. The wicked has heart full of perversity Pr 6:14.
  24. The evil is just what he thinks in his heart Pr 23:7.
  25. The deceitful have hearts full of abominations Pr 26:25.
  26. The nations' hearts are in God's control Is 10:7.
  27. The idolater has a heart he has blinded from the foolishness of his idolatry Is 44:19.
  28. Idolatry in the heart is known to God Eze 14:4,7.
  29. Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself Dan 1:8.
  30. Kings raised by God become proud Dan 8:25.
  31. The proud think they are untouchable Ob 1:3.
  32. Careless people think they are above any trouble Zep 2:15.
  33. The adulterer in heart is just as condemned as the one in person Mt 5:28.
  34. The Word of God is sown in hearts Mt 13:19.
  35. The evil servant thinks in his heart that his lord won't return anytime soon Mt 24:48, Luk 12:45.
  36. Faith from a heart devoid of doubt can move mountains Mr 11:23.
  37. Mary pondered all the events surrounding Jesus' birth Luk 2:19, as well as His statements after being left in the temple as a teen Luk 2:51.
  38. The pure, steadfast heart does well 1Cor 7:37.
  39. The cheerful giver determines how much to give God 2Cor 9:7.
  40. Babylon the great thought she would be above trouble Re 18:7.

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