The Lord's Prayer

Posted 9/15/2001

Joh 17:1-26 is the true Lord's prayer - this is how He prayed. The traditional "Lord's Prayer" is just an example, and outline, that He gave to His disciples as a teaching aid.

Jesus prayed quite differently. Several things stand out after a few readings:


  1. He puts God first before Himself as the source of eternal life (3)
  2. He spent His life accomplishing the work of His Father (4)
  3. He recognized that the disciples were given Him from God (6)
  4. He knows full well that all He has is from God (7)
  5. He characterized Himself as a mere messenger, a prophet, pointing the way to God (8)

Real Concern for Others

  1. He is about to die, yet spends most of His prayer pleading for the church (9-24)
  2. "Keep them in thy name" (11-12)
  3. "Joy made full in themselves" (13)
  4. "Keep them from the evil one" (15)
  5. "Sanctify them in the truth" (17)


  1. "They may all be one" (21)
  2. "Thou, Father, art in Me, and I in Thee" (21)
  3. "Glory . . . that they may be one" (22)
  4. "Perfected in unity" (23)
  5. "Be with Me where I am" (24)


  1. "Thou . . . didst love them" (23)
  2. "Thou didst love me" (24)
  3. "I have known thee" (25)
  4. "Thou didst love me may be in them" (26)

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