The Better Man

Posted 6/13/2004 8:01:45 AM

During the time of Saul and David's cat-and-mouse chases, there were many men accompanying them in their efforts. Saul had the power of the government, and the advantage of a much larger army. His men were loyal to him, the first king, and to their country. David had the blessing of God, and had many famously valiant men on his side. They also each had a general, each a mighty man, powerful and effective for their leaders.

Captain of Saul's host
1Sam 14:50
Captain of David's host
2Sam 8:16
Discovered David with Goliath
1Sam 17

Saul's bodyguard
1Sam 20:25

A valiant man, in all Israel, spared by David
1 Sam 26

Beaten by Joab's army
2Sam 2
Defeated Abner's army
2Sam 2
Merciful to Asahel
2Sam 2:19-23
Tricked Abner & killed him
2Sam 3
Calls for end to the civil war
2Sam 2:25-30
Agreed to end conflict
2Sam 2:27
Honourable in conduct
2Sam 3:7-11

Seeks peace with David
2Sam 3:17-21

Greatly respected by David
2Sam 3:28-37

Defeated the Syrians
2Sam 10

Worked with David to destroy Uriah
2Sam 11

Gets David to deal with Absalom
2Sam 14
Kills Absalom, despite David's wishes
2Sam 18,19

Kills Amasa in cold blood
1Ki 20

Betrays David, and dies for it
1Ki 2

So, who's the better man? Joab was on the right side, and accomplished much, but Abner had godly character and did what was right. Despite leadership, these men showed their true selves, and I'd rather be like Abner and be faithful and true consistently.

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