Worshipping God

Posted 9/1/2001

How was He worshipped in the Bible?

How does God want to be worshipped?

Inherent in the word is a bowing down, reverencing, giving homage. The Hebrew word in all these verses is simply "to bow down," translated also as bow, obeisance, fall down, reverence, stoop, crouch.

The Greek is a little different. The word used in John is similar to the Hebrew word, including the meaning of kneeling or prostrating oneself to do homage, deferring to the other's superiority. Worship in Philippians has to do with serving, ministering to. This is revealing, because all these examples or worship have to do with actions and externals, particularly with bowing. But, what does God really want other than our hearts? The motive for all these "religious" service actions must be a deep-rooted love for God, and a healthy respect for His deity.

How do we worship Him today?

In our worship service:

  1. With singing
  2. With bowed heads
  3. With our offerings
  4. In the Lord's house
  5. With holy hearts?
  6. In spirit?
  7. In truth?

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