One Lord: The Characteristics of God

Posted 8/26/2001

The Lord our God is One Lord

The Characteristics of God: "There is none like the Lord"

Ex 8:10 - The plagues in Egypt proved there is none like the Lord, and getting rid of the frogs was the first thing the Egyptian magicians could not do

Ex 15:1-19 - Moses extolled God in his song after the crossing of the Red Sea

De 33:26 - Moses again sings of God

2Sam 7:22,1Chr 17:16-27 - David prays to God, right at the pinnacle of his kingdom

1Ki 8:22 - Solomon dedicates the temple to God

Ps 89:5-14 - God is wonderful, praiseworthy, faithful, incomparable, mighty, awesome, strong, ruler of the world, the Lord God of Hosts, the owner of everything in heaven and earth, mighty, strong, high, just, the Judge, merciful, and true

Is 40:18 - God is so much, that all else is practically nothing before him, everything else vanishes away as before a breath of wind; God has no comparison.

Is 44:1-28 - God is the source of blessing

Is 45:1-25 - God is the Lord, Jehovah

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