Honest Living

Posted 8/25/2001

1Sa 26:1-30:31

For the past several chapters, and several years, David has been running around in the wilderness areas of Israel hiding from Saul. Twice he has spared the king's life, who repents only to turn around and head out for another manhunt. David's really tired of the cat and mouse game, and after Saul's second "repentance" David heads off to Gath and his old aquaintance Aschish. Funny, because the last time David was there he pretended to be a lunatic in order to get out of town alive.

This time around David and his four to six hundred strong band traipse on into Gath, and declare their allegiance to Achish. It seemed to work, because Saul immediately gave up chase, and never did again.

Well, David and his men made forays into the territory of Israel's enemies, attacking and decimating the towns. He'd report back to Achish that he had actually attacked Israelite cities, convincing Achish that David had completely turned against his homeland. David maintained this illusion by making sure every person in the target towns was dead.

Just when he thinks all is going well, the Philistines make a campaign against Israel, and David and his men are expected to go along with Achish as his special bodyguard. Fortunately, the rest of the Philistine lords thought this was foolish and ridiculous beyond reason, and pressured Achish into making David return home.

Meanwhile Saul is scared to death in the face of the Philistine offensive, and turns to a witch for some advice. She conjures up Samuel, who tells Saul it's over for him in this battle.

David and his men head home, to find their town burned to the ground, all their families taken away captive, and all their goods stolen. David asks God what he should do, and determines that he will be successful in chasing after the bandits and retrieving his family and stuff. God kept His word.

Is this kind of living right? Did David's lies work out in the end anyway? Why didn't he get in trouble for his lies? Well, his town was burnt to cinders and all he held dear was stolen, and he didn't get it back until he again looked to God for his direction.

This is deceit we're talking about

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