Getting Back

Posted 8/18/2001

The Story

1Sam 25:2-44

David was considerate of Nabal's people and property, being hospitable and providing protection to his shepherds while they stayed with David and his men. David requested some hospitality in return. Nabal did nothing of the sort, quickly characterizing David as nobody, a disobedient servant.

David didn't take this too well, and headed off with 400 of his men to teach Nabal a lesson by killing all the males in the household. However, one of Nabal's men warned Abigail of her husband's rudeness and impending danger Abigail hurriedly rounded up some food, and headed off to try to dissuade David from his vengeful intentions.

David listened, and regarded her gift well. She probably caught his eye, too, because he took her as a wife after the death of Nabal.


Be kind to strangers, they really appreciate and welcome hospitality. They may or may not return the favor, but that really doesn't matter. Those shepherds appreciated their kind hosts, and valued that enough to find away around the decision of their master Nabal.

Take initiative to intercede in conflicts. Your persuasion and concern, especially in a humble manner from the position of the "offender," can be amazingly effective. Then you'll never have to wonder "what if?" Abigail took prompt action, saving many lives, and sparing David from killing unneccessarily.

Leave "getting even" to God. He does it perfectly, justly, and in the right time. Taking matters into your own hand usually does more harm than good. David was going to kill all of Nabal's men, which would have included many who truly appreciated the kindness he had shown to them. God chose to take only Nabal's life, the much more appropiate action.

Don't be a fool. Nabal did, and he ended up dead.

Other References

Not only don't return an bad thing in kind, return it in good!

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